My encounter with Lomilomi 


Under the soft soothing wind of Hawaii Island, feeling the strong energy pouring forth from the muscular hands of the Hawaiian therapist, I finished my first encounter with lomilomi. Resting on a bed by the seaside, I was enveloped by the great energies of nature and protected by great love, I slowly opened my eyes. This strange feeling generated a kind of nostalgic warmth, and a feeling of great happiness overflowed from my heart. After returning to Japan, I could never forget that feeling, and it was the start of my journey into the realm of lomilomi.



To explore lomilomi further, I first learned basic hand techniques at a lomilomi school in Japan. However, the feeling I got from just hand techniques did not match the experience I had in Hawaii. I became certain that there was something more in lomilomi than just hand techniques, and I was determined to go to Hawaii to learn what it was.


After going to Hawaii Island to learn lomilomi techniques and Hawaiian spirituality from the kumu (“masters”), I slowly began to understand what was that “something more” in lomilomi. The more I studied, the more I became aware of how lomilomi was protected by the Hawaiians throughout the long history of Hawaii, and was totally fascinated by lomilomi. I finally realized after many years of study that the “something more” beyond the hand techniques was “love”. It is love which greatly influences lomilomi, and it is love which generates the feeling of happiness which I felt during my first lomilomi sesson so many years ago.



After studying lomilomi for 4 years, I entered a new journey to find that great love which is so essential to lomilomi.  One year later, I was fortunate to meet Kumu (“Master”) Karen.  Kumu Karen taught me lomilomi techniques, Hawaiian spirituality, fundamental Hawaiian mindset which respects nature, and helped me gain mana (“spirit power”) from nature.  I have been visiting Kumu Karen for several years now, and recently Kumu Karen has granted me a certification to teach lomilomi.


I visit Hawaii regularly to participate in Kumu Karen’s lomilomi workshops.  While I am in Japan, I provide lomilomi treatment, and conduct lomilomi workshops for serious students who want to learn traditional lomilomi as transmitted from an authentic Hawaiian kumu.